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Looking for tools that serve your customers and make your life easier? Rethink has a solution to help you grow.

We offer all-in-one behavioral health solutions for your business. You’ll love using our RBT training, ABA data collection or practice management tools. They are robust alone, but even better together.

Technology is our thing.We’re behavioral health experts at the core.

Rethink is a technology company built with decades of experience in behavioral health. We designed and built our platform for the behavioral health industry, in collaboration with providers nationwide. We understand that no two providers are alike and we built our platform with the flexibility to meet your unique needs.

Clinical Tools to makeABA data collection simple

Rethink’s Clinical Tools provide instant on-demand access to the largest video library of best practices available, helping professionals engage with their clients. Plus, Rethink’s Clinical Tools help keep your team and parents on the same page while providing helpful insights to parents to reinforce positive behaviors at home.

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Rethink Behavioral Health RBT training video

Advanced video-basedRBT Training

Rethink’s RBT Training module provides integrated and powerful RBT training for staff members to provide meaningful ongoing professional development. Rethink training helps give staff members a competitive advantage and deep insights and understanding that lead to better results.

Smart MatchingScheduling Software

Rethink’s Scheduling Module provides you with practice management tools, such as Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), so you can spend less time managing schedules and more time helping your clients succeed.

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Easy, FriendlyBilling Software

Rethink’s Billing Module stores requirements for each funding source allowing staff to focus on the needs of the client, not memorizing billing codes and rules.


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