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[Webinar] Positive Leadership: Behavior Checklist 5 Things Every Leader Should Do

Rethink Behavioral Health invites you to participate in our upcoming webinar, Positive Leadership: Behavior Checklist 5 Things Every Leader Should Do!

Leadership is critical when it comes to running a business.

Leaders not only set the foundation, but provide direction that shapes the entire company and determines change.

Join us on Thursday, June 22nd at 1pm ET/10am PT to discuss leadership in the workplace!

Manny Rodriguez, M.S., Vice President of ABA Technologies and Managing Director of Operant Leadership, will provide a checklist that every leader should keep handy in order to be successful.

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Rethink Behavioral Health holds a monthly webinar series entitled Entrepreneurship in ABA.

This targeted set of presentations will focus on the business aspects of running an ABA provider group.

Whether you are just getting started, or in high growth mode, this series will offer insights and best practices for helping your business succeed.