Member Engagement

Educate and support your members to be a part of the care plan and to reduce their own stress and mental health as parents and caregivers.

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Outcome Measures and Assessment of Family Needs

Investing in the ability for caregivers to complete medically necessary outcome measures remotely, when their time allows, without additional cost, travel, or stress directly benefits both the health plan and family.

By easing the burdens associated with testing, health plans ensure they receive the evaluation results in a timely manner, when they need them, to make care determinations and provide a seamless referral plan for resources and supports.

Improve Access and Reduce Member Cost

With remote completion of standardized assessments and measurement of patient outcomes

Proactively Help Your Members

With outreach services and assistance navigating care requirements and plan

Support Utilization and Case Management

With help from experienced clinicians (Board Certified Behavioral Analysts)

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Digital Educational Materials with Parent/Caregiver Coaching & Support

As the world continues to move away from in person appointments and toward technology, the ability to monitor and address Social Determinants of Health becomes increasingly difficult.

Caregiver outreach spans from ensuring health plan requirements, such as standardized testing, are met to providing education and resources. In order to maximize benefits of ABA therapy, there needs to be a holistic stance on supporting the family unit as a whole. Caregiver fatigue and behavioral health are often not considered when Care Managers are reviewing barriers to treatment and the best ways to allow the child and family to maintain and generalize the skills learned in ABA.

Educate Members

With our extensive library of on-demand video and print materials for caregivers related to Autism

Personalized On-Demand Resources

Digital tools available 24/7 with recommended content based on family needs

Promote Evidence-Based Treatments

With rapid content and module creation process to meet industry and health plan specific needs

Holistic Support for Caregivers

Schedule live sessions with Board Certified Behavior Analysts to assist with navigating the care journey

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Stress Management for Parents and Caregivers

Rethink provides an affordable and effective solution that complements your current wellness plan by bridging the gaps not usually addressed.

By providing the support parents and caregivers need, we reduce stress and reassure them that they are not alone. Since education is not enough to reduce daily challenges, we provide ongoing at-your-fingertip training that gives parents and caregivers the practical tools and training they need to help their child succeed, ultimately increasing productivity.

Increase Quality of Life

For family unit at home with personal and parenting well-being behavioral health programs.

Promote Positive Member Engagement

And individual mental health and well-being with evidence-based training that leverages neuroscience, positive psychology, and adult learning theory.

Convenient Mobile App

For on-demand access to all modules including stress reduction, improving focus and other content applicable to all caregivers and children.

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