Pediatric Therapy and Physician Billing Services

At Rethink Behavioral Health, we offer easy, friendly ABA Therapy billing software and services. Our goal is to help save your practice, clinic or business time and money by increasing efficiency.

To do so, we have officially integrated Medical Reimbursement Consultants (MRC) Billing Services into the Rethink platform to expand our offering. Rethink specializes in ABA and physician medical billing and practice support for autism centers, home healthcare and other medical providers.

Examples of those who are a good fit include Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA), Physical Therapists (PT), Occupational Therapists (OT) and Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP). Rethink and MRC billing services, procedures and software allow busy practices to keep up.

Key Medical Billing Features & Benefits

Enrollment and Credentialing

No matter how long your practice has been in business, the complexities of insurance don’t get any easier. Once you are comfortably in an insurance company’s network, you can grow your practice and get the attention of more families. Rethink enrollment experts can help!

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Speech, Occupational, Physical and ABA Therapy Billing

Rethink billing services include Revenue Cycle Management, practice management software, eligibility checks and insurance verification. Each component plays a pivotal role in an effective SLP, OT, PT and ABA therapy billing platform.

Telehealth &Remote Patient Visits

Telehealth and Remote patient visits have become essential as we all seek new ways to decrease healthcare expenses. Today’s patients expect flexible, convenient access to their providers in suburban and rural settings. Rethink helps make sure your practice is ready to respond.

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Training & Support

Several training and support options are available with Rethink. From live video sessions at your team’s convenience, to start up meetings and ongoing support, you’ll have resources available throughout the entire process. As your practice grows, you can leverage their workflow and clinical documentation integrations.

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