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For improved ABA therapy operations and ease of us for staff and families, embrace the advanced capabilities of Smart Scheduling, designed specifically for the behavioral health industry.

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Transforming ABA Practice Management with Smart Scheduling

Our ABA Therapy Scheduling Software, a key component of our Practice Management suite, revolutionizes your scheduling process. It optimizes authorization utilization by providing a clear overview of staff and client schedules, ensuring maximum productivity. An intuitive design simplifies staff-client coordination, eliminating scheduling conflicts and enhancing client experiences. Moreover, it significantly reduces administrative workload by automating tasks like appointment reminders and real-time schedule updates, freeing your team to focus on other crucial aspects of your practice.

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Simplify Your Appointment Process

Smart Scheduling takes the complexity out of booking appointments and sending appointment reminders. With an intuitive interface and smart features, scheduling a staff member for a client session or setting up a schedule block becomes a breeze. Our tool is designed to match client and staff availability, ensuring a smooth and efficient scheduling process that saves you time and reduces the risk of double-booking.

Maximize Your Staff's Productivity

Our scheduler goes beyond just managing appointments. It enables management of your staff’s nonbillable hours, making sure every moment is tracked. This feature allows you to optimize your staff’s productivity by effectively managing their time and availability, leading to improved operational efficiency and staff satisfaction.

Ensure Seamless
Client-Staff Coordination

Our tool's real-time availability matching improves scheduling accuracy. It ensures that your staff's availability aligns perfectly with your clients' needs, eliminating scheduling conflicts and enhancing the overall client experience. This feature allows for better coordination, improved service delivery, and increased client satisfaction.

Gain Valuable Insights

Leverage our scheduling software to unlock more than just appointment management. Its sophisticated reporting capabilities provide invaluable insights into payroll, billing, staff productivity, and authorization utilization. You can monitor staff availability, client appointment patterns, and overarching scheduling trends. This knowledge enables you to make data-driven decisions, helping you to refine your scheduling procedures and elevate the efficiency of your practice.

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