Practice Management Software For ABA Therapy Providers

Learn how Rethink’s full suite of practice management and clinical tools can help ABA providers of all sizes manage every aspect of operations from clinical care to supporting your staff and more.

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Solutions for Your Whole Practice

ABA Data Collection

Evidence based care plans, a robust content library with over 1,500 programs and easy access to data equip your team to provide the best care possible.

Medical Necessity Assessment

An assessment tool designed by clinicians for clinicians to guide ABA prescription dosages and facilitate communication with key stakeholders.

Practice Management

Data driven insights, robust scheduling and electronic visit verification tools simplify your day and improve your operations.


On-demand RBT training courses are continuously updated to meet BACB certification criteria and support your team.


Eligibility verification, billing software, and billing services help manage and optimize revenue to scale your business.


Embrace the advanced capabilities of Smart Scheduling, designed specifically for the behavioral health industry.

Employee Well-Being

Access tools and content used by Healthcare and Fortune 500 organizations to support your employees’ mental health.


A collection of specialized tools, innovations, and functionality, from a range of trusted providers, that are accessible from within the RethinkBH platform.

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