ABA Data Collection Software Simplified

Leverage Rethink Behavioral Health’s comprehensive clinical tools to streamline your ABA therapy practice.

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Easy to Implement, Simple to Use

Our ABA data collection software and clinical tools make the lives of clinicians, teachers, and ABA Therapy Business leaders easier by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining reports. Whether you are using our ABA data collection app or the web version, spend less time taking notes and filling out reports equals more spent on improving care for their students.

Implement Clinical Best Practices

Rethink's customizable curriculum includes over 1,500 treatment goals with video-based training embedded to ensure fidelity when implementing with your clients.

Leverage Data and Insights

Rethink's mobile app allows for easy data collection online or offline with immediate syncing capability to allow for real time data analysis.

Secure Your Data (HIPAA)

Your data is always safe, secure and easily accessible with full Electronic Health Record (EHR) & document management.

Medical Necessity Assessment

Rethink's patent pending Medical Necessity Assessment offers your practice a training resource to guide clinicians in suggesting ABA doses, enhancing reimbursement from funders.

Key Features and Benefits

Treatment Planning Library

Includes over 1,500 customizable protocols with corresponding video-based training and teaching materials for staff and parents. Our VB-MAPP integration allows clinicians to not only complete the assessment in Rethink but select curriculum goals that align with client recommended treatment.

Analytics When You Need Them

And on-demand! Our clinical dashboards provide insights at the micro and macro levels to improve your clinical outcomes.

RethinkBH data collection on laptop and smartphone.
Smartphones showing different parts of RethinkBH Data Collection solution

Data Collection at Your Fingertips

Rethink’s mobile app allows for easy data collection online or offline with immediate syncing capability to allow for real time data analysis. Frequency/Rate, duration, opportunity-based, interval, and task analysis data can are available on the website and mobile app.

Increase Family Engagement with our Parent Portal

Provide caregivers with resources to track their child’s progress, share documents with their child’s care team, sign off on session notes, and access on-demand training resources.

“A Day in the Life”

Check out how an RBT completes a session using Rethink’s mobile app.

What People Are Saying

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More than anything, it’s given our BCBAs confidence in conversations with payors, and they aren’t second-guessing their own recommendation because they have the tool to confirm this is what the patient needs. That confidence is really important for new BCBAs and those who may be going through their first peer review.

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