Optimize Your Operations and Impact More Lives

Bring best practices and efficiency to every aspect of your business including back office operations, clinical operations and the mental health and well being of your staff.

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All the tools and resources that you need to achieve your mission at scale.

Rethink’s enterprise solutions provide you the control and flexibility to ensure clinical excellence and operational efficiency.

ABA Data Collection

Ensure treatment fidelity, proper documentation and the highest standards of care across your entire organization.

Practice Management

Increase productivity by automating key processes and leverage Rethink's data warehouse, analytics, and API integrations to make informed decisions across your entire business.

RBT Training

Support your existing RBTs and onboard new hires with on demand training and support to ensure program fidelity across your entire organization.

Billing Software & Solution

Optimize your revenue cycle management and gain visibility into key performance indicators with Rethink’s integrated billing software solutions.

Medical Necessity Assessment

Rethink's Medical Necessity Assessment provides a training tool to assist clinicians in prescribing clinically appropriate ABA dosages and improves payout from funders.

Tips, Tools and Resources to Support Your Team and Mission


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy practices are constantly struggling with employee turnover, and it is...


Amid economic volatility and the public health crisis, not all businesses are prepared. The daily...


Data discussed is based on prior version of the Medical Necessity Assessment (MNA) tool. MNA...

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