Everything You Need to Operate and Scale Your Practice

Increase productivity and employee satisfaction with an end-to-end solution covering scheduling and authorization utilization tracking, including Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), reporting tools, and more.

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Save Time and Money with Smart Scheduling

Designed for the Behavioral Health industry including options for ABA therapy, Occupational, and Speech therapy, as well as tracking of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), Smart Scheduling software helps you increase productivity and employee satisfaction.

Manage Authorizations and Reporting

Streamline and simplify the task of managing insurance submissions by automating insurance authorizations and tracking both utilization and renewals. Analyze authorizations by progress, by renewal requirements, by therapist and by practice to ensure compliance and run your practice with ease.

Simple Dashboards With Powerful Insights to Run Your Practice

Off-the shelf reports and dashboards allow you to track clinical progress such as authorizations, skill progression and behaviors as well as operational metrics such as cancellations, staff productivity and contract utilization. Customized reports can be built based on your practice's needs.

Streamline Session Notes

Automatically embeds clinical data in to your session notes and customizes templates based on funder requirements.

Secure Digital Information Storage

With full Electronic Health Record (EHR) & document management, your data is always safe, secure and easily accessible.

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