Medical Necessity Assessment

A clinical decision support tool for guiding treatment plan recommendations.

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Research shows that ABA treatment for autism is influenced by treatment intensity and clinician adherence to recommended dosage. Proper dosage can improve skill mastery, adaptive skills, and overall outcomes, but can be negatively impacted by communication barriers among stakeholders, lack of clinician training, mandates from funding sources, and limited research.

Rethink’s patent-pending Medical Necessity Assessment, created by clinicians for clinicians, aims to improve the accuracy and adherence of dosage recommendations based on medical necessity.

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Enhance Your Clinical Decision Making Process

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What Can Rethink's Medical Necessity Assessment Do for You?


Bridge the language barriers with payors and caregivers when it comes to getting your requests approved and family adherence to treatment.


Provide your staff with a standard for documentation when submitting treatment plans to ensure clinical reports meet funders’ requirements.


Train clinicians to appropriately recommend ABA dosages for clients by embedding the Medical Necessity Assessment tool into the decision-making process.


Contribute to future research to strengthen prescription recommendations across populations and optimize clinical outcomes for clients.

What People Are Saying

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More than anything, it’s given our BCBAs confidence in conversations with payors, and they aren’t second-guessing their own recommendation because they have the tool to confirm this is what the patient needs. That confidence is really important for new BCBAs and those who may be going through their first peer review.

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