ABA Therapy Billing and Insurance Services

At Rethink Behavioral Health, we offer easy, friendly pediatric therapy insurance billing services. Our goal is to help save your practice time and money by increasing efficiency.

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Rethink specializes in Revenue Cycle Management for Applied Behavior Analysis, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Counseling, Psychotherapy and Neuropsychology services that boast a clean claims pass rate of 99.5% (industry average 90 – 95%).

Rethink billing services, procedures and software allows busy practices to focus on what is important, patient care. Services provided include:

  • Verification of Eligibility and Benefits
  • Claims Auditing and Submission
  • Payment Reconciliation
  • Patient Statement Generation
  • Denials and Outstanding Receivables Management

Key Medical Billing Features & Benefits

Enrollment and Credentialing

No matter how long your practice has been in business, the complexities of insurance don’t get any easier. Once you are comfortably in an insurance company’s network, you can grow your practice and get the attention of more families. Rethink enrollment experts can help!

Speech, Occupational, Physical and ABA Therapy Billing

Rethink billing services include Revenue Cycle Management, practice management software, eligibility checks and insurance verification. Each component plays a pivotal role in an effective SLP, OT, PT and ABA therapy billing platform.

Eligibility Verification

Several training and support options are available with Rethink. From live video sessions at your team’s convenience, to kick off meetings and ongoing support, you’ll have resources available throughout the entire process. As your practice grows, you can leverage workflow and clinical documentation integrations.

Telehealth & Remote Patient Visits

Telehealth and Remote patient visits have become essential as we all seek new ways to decrease healthcare expenses. Today’s patients expect flexible, convenient access to their providers in suburban and rural settings. Rethink helps make sure your practice is ready to respond.

Enrollment and Credentialing

Rethink will complete your provider and group enrollment to ensure your team members get credentialed with the health plans you work with.

Rethink specializes in pediatric therapy practice contracting and credentialing including managed care and government payors. Our experienced staff have worked with physicians, behavior analysts, physical therapists, speech and occupational therapists, and many other healthcare providers. We can help with group contracts, CAQH management, credentialing, and re-credentialing.

Our Services Include:

  • Provider and Group contracts with commercial insurance
  • Provider and Group contracts with Medicare & Medicaid
  • Provider CAQH setup and optional maintenance for providers
  • Processing enrollment forms for national and regional insurance carriers
  • Helping you get started with insurance companies
  • Understanding fee schedules

Insurance and enrollment services are included for all providers at the time of contracting.

Insurance and enrollment services are also available without using our ABA Therapy Billing Service. You have a practice to run, trying to figure out each payor’s process can take weeks. Problems with enrollment are the most common problem we see in new billing service clients.

Our experienced team of enrollment experts can take your organization through the entire enrollment process and watch for required updates.

Enrollment Management

To manage your providers and keep your insurance reimbursement coming you have to stay on top of all the different insurance company requirements. We will help manage enrollment with every insurance company requiring different information and provide regular updates.

We manage and automatically generate notifications of documents that are outdated or missing as well as manage expiration dates, practice locations and CAQH updates. In addition, we can capture and store all documents related to your provider contracts in our secure database.

Eligibility Verification

Patient Insurance Eligibility Verification Is the Beginning.

Rethink Billing staff will verify each patient’s insurance eligibility, including: coinsurance or copay, deductible, benefits cap, where to send the claim, whether the payor requires specialized forms or additional documentation, and whether the payor requires authorization

Determining Eligibility

Once Rethink receives the eligibility request and a copy of the insurance card (front & back), your account representative will submit it to our eligibility department. They will process your request and obtain as much information as possible about the benefits your patient has. Often conflicting information requires multiple calls to determine what the patient’s actual coverage is.

Once the eligibility is completed, you will receive an eligibility response form detailing all the information we obtained from the insurance company. This report will be returned to the practice within 2-5 business days (some carriers now allow 10 days to respond to eligibility verification requests.

A favorable benefits determination does not mean you will be paid by the insurance carrier.

Key Eligibility Verification Features & Benefits

  • Dedicated team to obtain patient eligibility/benefits upon request
  • Understand patient eligibility & benefits prior to treating with full comprehensive benefit response
  • Reduce the risk of rejections/denials upfront with a quote of benefits for each patient you treat
  • Streamlined system saves both time and money
  • Free up your in-house resources
  • Fast turnaround and increased customer satisfaction
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