ABA Software for Start-Up Therapy Practices

Rethink's comprehensive clinical and practice management software solution provides you with everything you need to build and scale a successful practice. Gain exclusive access to the ABA Start-up Community to start your journey today.

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Intuitive solutions to hit the ground running.

Rethink's all-in-one solution provides you with the clinical, practice management, and billing tools you need from client intake to funder payout.

ABA Data Collection

Immediate access to expert content and clinical tools to help you implement best practices and ensure the highest level quality of care.

Practice Management

Establish effective & efficient workflows for managing the business side of your operation.

Enrollment & Credentialing

Rethink's Enrollment & Credentialing team make it easy for your CAPH setup and to get in network with funders.

Billing Software & Services

Reduce the stress and complexity of working with payers by partnering with Rethink’s experienced billing services team.

Medical Necessity Assessment

Rethink's Medical Necessity Assessment provides a training tool to assist clinicians in prescribing clinically appropriate ABA dosages and improves payout from funders.

Trainings & Resources

Support your staff with on-demand trainings, including 40-hour RBT training and video tutorials for client programming.

Rethink ABA Start-up Community

Join a community of entrepreneurs in the ABA industry and access free resources and a network of experts.

Why join?

  • Access to monthly webinars
  • Free downloadable content
  • Free Rethink sandbox account
  • Access to experts inside our Facebook community
  • Learn how to market your practice
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An Interstellar Journey to Building Your ABA Therapy Practice

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