Empowering Healthcare with Technology: Healthcare Tech Outlook

By: RethinkBH

Published: Jan 8, 2021
Empowering Healthcare with Technology: Healthcare Tech Outlook

Rethink was recently featured in Healthcare Tech Outlook’s 2020 edition on Top Behaviour or Mental Health Solution Providers! Check it out here, or continue reading below.

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically transformed the healthcare industry with sweeping changes in who can receive care and how they access it. Having prompted a reckoning throughout the country’s healthcare community, the pandemic with its isolation, contact restrictions, and economic shutdown effects has exacerbated the existing challenges.

The gap between the increasing healthcare demands and the supply of trained clinicians to respond adequately has never been wider. When it comes to treating the population with behavioral health issues and disabilities, this clinician shortage poses a massive challenge for the industry.

Moreover, the traditional modes of care and treatment delivery—wherein therapists visited patients at home or patients received therapy at centers—are proving defunct with the social distancing restrictions in place. As a result, many of the individuals are left without access to the required behavioral therapies. It goes without saying that healthcare organizations need to raise the ante and ‘rethink’ their approach to care delivery.

This is precisely where Rethink, a global health technology company, is moving the needle. The New York-based firm is empowering caregivers and the families of individuals with developmental or behavioral disabilities with robust cloud-based treatment tools, training, and clinical support.

With behavioral health e-learning tools, robust data analytics, and best-in-class practice management capabilities–all accessible online—Rethink continues to inspire change and make care more accessible to individuals suffering from developmental disabilities across the world.

“There are only about 30,000 trained clinicians and professionals available globally to deliver clinical treatment to individuals with developmental disabilities such as autism. On the other hand, we have literally hundreds of millions of individuals around the world that need access to behavioral therapy that can’t get access to it. We aim to bridge this gap in the industry,” says Daniel Etra, CEO at Rethink.

Through its unique, integrated platform-driven approach, the Company is supporting government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Defense, public school districts, behavioral health providers, managed care organizations, and families worldwide.

“While we deliver technology-driven solutions, we also bring a wealth of clinical expertise. We have a very deep bench with members who bring decades of experience on the clinical side to the table,” adds Etra, while emphasizing that this ability is clearly a winning differentiator for the company.

Keeping Healthcare a Step Ahead

At the outset, Rethink began serving patients with autism and gradually expanded its solutions and services to cater to broad developmental abilities. Currently, the center of gravity of Rethink’s expertise revolves around behavioral health, employee benefits, and education.

The user-intuitive behavioral health solutions include clinical workflow automation, RBT training, ABA data collection, and practice management tools. Be it a public or private client, Rethink’s comprehensive behavioral health tools offer turn-key solutions.

Through its ABA tools, the company delivers helpful insights to families and care teams and reinforces coordination and care fidelity amongst them. Also, Rethink’s RBT Training facilitates meaningful ongoing professional development, which offers a competitive advantage and better outcomes for individuals.

Furthermore, the Rethink employee benefits platform provides flexible web-based tools and 24/7 virtual consultations with behavioral experts that can be accessed from any location. The company has also built an EMR system that collects real-time data via mobile applications and enables tracking and reporting— all in an automated manner.

It helps caregivers and clinicians prepare the necessary treatment plan based on an individual’s behavioral performance. Putting best clinical practices at the user’s fingertips, Rethink is the industry leading caregiver support system for individuals and children of all ages.

In a similar vein, RethinkEd–the Company’s education arm, delivers innovative, scalable, and evidence-based tools and resources to support the special needs population in schools and provides social and emotional learning to the general Ed population. Be it the unfortunate incidents of the school shootings in the U.S. or the current surge in mental health issues resulting from COVID-19, this scalable approach to supporting the education system adds another feather to Rethink’s cap.

Unlock Numerous Benefits with Seamless Onboarding

With cloud technology forming the backbone of the company, Rethink provides a straightforward process for client onboarding. Be it any public education system or a large corporate health provider, Rethink’s easy-to-implement platform smoothly creates an intervention plan, trains the clients’ staff, and gets them up and running in a couple of days.

It equips users with behavioral health e-learning tools, robust data analytics, and best-in-class practice management capabilities. Powered by sophisticated technology and years of in-depth knowledge, the company’s web-based solutions are designed to help clients effectively and affordably support the population with a developmental disability.

Elaborating on these unparalleled capabilities, Etra cites a customer success story wherein Rethink collaborated with a large retailer in the U.S. The client deployed the company’s employee benefits program, which provided effective web-based training tools and support, putting clinical best practices treatment solutions at the fingertips of the employees.

Hundreds and thousands of employees were able to benefit from Rethink’s program with employees thanking senior leadership all the up to the president of the company and noting what a difference the Rethink program was making in their lives.

As an entrepreneurial organization, Rethink strives for excellence, and its non-hierarchical structure creates room for each employee to share his/her ideas and bring innovation to the forefront. Driven by progressive work processes and innovation at its core, Rethink further aims to expand by supporting neurodiversity in the workplace–a step toward driving equity and inclusion in workplaces and accepting the cognitive variance of people.

Through its research-based content and clinical support, Rethink is coaching HR professionals, managers, and employers about the value of neurodiverse talent.

“We look forward to breaking the stigma around issues such as mental health and neurodiversity in the workplace by providing the right set of tools, training, and support,” affirms Etra.


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