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Rethink saves your ABA therapy practice, clinic or business time and money by increasing efficiency and automation through the elimination of workarounds, excel spreadsheets and lost revenue potential. It stores funding source requirements, allowing staff to focus on the needs of each client instead of memorizing complex billing codes and reimbursement regulations. Our client portal provides families with real-time access to pertinent health information and reduces non-billable hours for staff. Want to outsource your billing efforts? We do that too!

Key Billing Features & Benefits

Scheduling & BillingSynchronization

Seamless controls prevent coding and scheduling errors that impact payments. Get reimbursed on time, every time.

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Easy Report Exporting

Payroll and billing reports can be exported and shared amongst clinicians or parents. Keep everyone on the same page with consistent information.

Business Integrity& Accountability

Rethink provides transparent contract utilization through our client portal to ensure children receive the care their parents pay for.

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Tracking & Compliance

Funder contracts, rates, billing codes, and parent signatures are kept in one central space. Never lose track of any important financial information and maintain compliance.

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