Even before 2020, parent & caregiver engagement was becoming an increasingly hot topic as it can not only affect clinical outcomes, but also at an operational level.

Because of COVID, the landscape has completely shifted towards telehealth which poses the question: how to involve the already busy parent/caregiver who has also had their day-to-day flipped to remote work?

Find out that and more as attendees can expect to discuss:

  • Shifts in Parent Engagement Expectations by Generations
  • Strategies/Best Practices to Maintain Parent Engagement
  • Realities of Parent Engagement During COVID
  • The Future of Parent Engagement

and more!


  • Stacy Taylor, MA, BCBA, President/Clinical Director of Advance Behavior & Learning
  • Leah McNaughton, SLP, Practice Manager at RL Therapy California
  • Sara Litvak, MA, BCBA, CEO of Behavioral Health Center of Excellence

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