TheraWe, which is now part of Rethink, is a HIPAA-secure messaging and video conferencing app (synchronous and asynchronous) with tools to support parent engagement.

Using modern features to allow parents of children with special needs and therapists to stay connected while tracking and monitoring progress remotely, TheraWe helps increase revenues for therapy providers, and improves overall care and communication.

Several notable therapy organizations, including the University of Kansas Medical Center, use TheraWe. At its best with in-person, remote support and live video, TheraWe is the ultimate Hybrid Therapy model. Here are its unique features and capabilities.

Key TheraWe Features

Interactive Updates & Home Programming

TheraWe allows pediatric therapy providers to record their own home program video clips, sync storage libraries and provide instant notes that can be sent to caregivers through an easy-to-use and secure mobile app.

Remote Caregiver Support

Caregivers have the ability to ask questions, record home success and capture moments that are difficult to recreate in standard therapy (such as a meltdown at the dinner table). Provider responses are tracked and displayed in robust analytics and reporting.

Asynchronous Parent Notes & Coaching

Parents have the ability to access notes and updates as they are being recorded. They can also communicate directly with therapy providers to receive advice of their own.

Live Video Telehealth Sessions

Pediatric therapy providers and caregivers can launch live video chats for telehealth assessments and to provide remote support, or simply as an alternative to in-person meetings.

Group & 1:1 Chat

Send direct messages concerning logistics and progress updates through a compliant platform. Therapy providers cell phone and email data is stored securely by clinic leaders to reduce the risk of HIPAA-violations.

Collaborative Goal Tracking

TheraWe gives caregivers the ability to track and update therapy goals, along with the option for multiple therapy providers to collaborate or automatically integrate within a single practice management system. Parent engagement scores are tracked and insurance billing reports are generated.

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