RethinkBH and Attend Behavior Collaborate to Provide Parent Training

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Attend Behavior Joins RethinkBH Marketplace for ABA Providers

NEW YORK, New York – June 12, 2024Rethink Behavioral Health (RethinkBH), a leading provider of comprehensive clinical and practice management solutions for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and pediatric therapy providers, has announced a collaboration with Attend Behavior, a child behavioral health platform designed to empower caregiver learning and engagement for families who have children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other behavioral conditions. Attend Behavior is the latest solution available on the recently announced RethinkBH Marketplace designed to offer ABA providers the most advanced tools and resources for delivering exceptional care within one comprehensive practice management platform.

Attend Behavior empowers ABA providers to better support caregivers in promoting positive behaviors at home and has been shown to increase caregiver engagement. Through seamless technology integration, clinicians will be able to access Attend Behavior directly from the RethinkBH platform, allowing for remote real-time feedback and tracking of caregiver engagement and behavioral outcomes.

“Parent training is a critical element for success in ABA therapy, and we are thrilled to equip our clients with an effective solution to help caregivers manage common behavioral challenges in daily life,” said Jamie Pagliaro, Executive Vice President of RethinkBH and Chief Learning Officer of RethinkFirst. “Adding Attend Behavior’s robust solution to our growing list of RethinkBH Marketplace providers aligns perfectly with our desire to offer the industry’s best tools in one unified experience, making it effortless for clinicians to access everything they need to provide best in class care.”

Caregivers can access a series of behaviorally based learning courses through Attend Behavior’s mobile application as well as a suite of tools designed to coach caregivers through implementation of the practices taught in the courses. The learning courses are based on the RUBI Parent Training Program which is evidence-based and designed specifically for families of children with ASD by a team of researchers at several of the country’s leading pediatric health systems.

“The research literature is clear about the importance and effectiveness of structured family guidance, caregiver involvement, and which techniques and strategies promote better outcomes for children with ASD and other developmental differences. One of the most difficult challenges that clinicians face is providing caregivers support in a way that helps caregivers build fluency with important behavioral techniques and helps them to generalize those skills in a way that produces treatment fidelity and optimizes treatment outcomes,” said Dr. Stewart Pisecco, CEO and Founder of Attend Behavior.  “Consequently, we are very excited to partner with RethinkBH as we work together to support the quality of care that their customers provide children with ASD and their families.”

Professionals interested in learning more can register for a live Fireside Chat with RethinkBH and Attend Behavior representatives on Thursday, June 20th at 1:00pm ET.

About Attend Behavior, Inc.

Attend Behavior is a child behavioral health technology company that enables the delivery of evidence-based practices for families who have children with Autism, ADHD, and other types of Neurodevelopmental conditions. Based in Houston, TX and launched in 2020, Attend currently works with a variety of behavioral health practices, pediatric health systems, and health plans. For additional information about Attend Behavior visit 

About RethinkBH

Rethink Behavioral Health provides ABA clinical tools, telehealth and parent portal, practice management and training products, billing software and medical billing services. They work with startups, growing practices and enterprises to provide their software products to businesses with a range of staff and patient sizes and different needs. The SaaS provider supports companies in growing their practices, improving outcomes and improving operational efficiency.  

To learn more about RethinkBH and its comprehensive practice management software and solutions for ABA, visit

About RethinkFirst

A global health technology company, RethinkFirst provides cloud-based treatment tools, training, and clinical support to employers (RethinkCare), educators (RethinkEd), payors (RethinkFutures) and behavioral health professionals (RethinkBH). Rethink’s award-winning solutions serve thousands of clients globally, including nearly one-third of the Fortune 100 and many of the country’s largest public-school systems and health plans. Each of Rethink’s award-winning solutions incorporates evidenced-based protocols, workflow automation and advanced data analytics to drive meaningful clinical outcomes and improved performance for customers and the communities that they serve.

For more information, please visit the RethinkFirst website at For media inquiries email [email protected]

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