How Rethink is Addressing 2022 Ethics Code Changes

By: Erin Mayberry
Published: Jan 26, 2021
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Effective January 1, 2022, all BCBAs and BCaBAs will be required to adhere to the new Ethics Code for Behavior Analysts. The BACB has published a crosswalk to document where standards in the current Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts can be found in the new Ethics Code for Behavior Analysts (found here: BACB Ethics Crosswalk).

In addition, there will be 9 new standards behavior analysts will be required to follow. Below is a breakdown of what this means for your staff and how Rethink can assist your staff in maintaining these standards. (You can find the full Ethics Code here: Ethics Code for Behavior Analysts)

New Ethics Standards

2.02: Timeliness

Behavior analysts are required to deliver services and carry out client-related responsibilities in a timely manner.

Rethink allows your staff to track actual start time of services against their scheduled time. In addition, reporting functionality allows administrative staff to track staff productivity, authorization utilization, and more.

2.17: Collecting and Using Data

Behavior analysts ensure appropriate data measures are selected and data collection procedures are implemented correctly. Data should be displayed and summarized in such a way as to make informed decisions for continuing, modifying, or terminating services.

Rethink offers robust data collection options so client outcomes can be easily and effectively monitored and analyzed. Staff can create custom graphs and reports for ongoing evaluation and informed decision making. Our Medical Necessity Assessment is a tool designed to assist clinicians with determining appropriate ABA dosages for clients based on client progress, from initial intake to eventual termination of services.

3.02: Identifying Stakeholders

Behavior analysts identify all stakeholders at the outset of services. When there are multiple stakeholders involved in a client’s service delivery, the behavior analyst will identify their obligations to each stakeholder. Documentation and communication of these obligations to stakeholders occurs at the beginning of the professional relationship.

Rethink provides HIPAA-secure file sharing and other methods of documentation of communication between caregivers and providers. Any identified stakeholders can be added to the client’s contact list, and providers have the option to allow parent/caregiver access to the Rethink platform. Staff can share files directly with caregivers through the client’s File Cabinet, and client notes can be created for documentation of parent/caregiver and provider communication that occurs outside of the platform (i.e. phone calls between provider and client/caregiver).

4.05: Maintaining Supervision Documentation

Behavior analysts manage documentation related to supervisees or trainees by following BACB rules, licensure requirements, and funder or provider policies as outlined. They ensure documentation is accurate and complete and maintain documentation for at least 7 years or as otherwise indicated by law.

Rethink allows supervisors to create documentation for all supervision related activity, including:

  • creating Staff Notes
  • supervision session notes
  • collecting IOA and PI data
  • tracking supervision hours

In addition, Rethink stores provider data indefinitely and will provide all data to the provider upon request.

4.07: Incorporating and Addressing Diversity

Behavior analysts will incorporate topics related to diversity during supervision and training.

Rethink provides content on diversity and related topics in both our webinar series and blog posts.

4.11: Facilitating Continuity of Supervision

Behavior analysts minimize disruption of supervision and facilitate continuation of supervision when there are interruptions to supervision (planned or unplanned). When there is an interruption to supervision, the behavior analyst takes the necessary steps to communicate how they are facilitating ongoing supervision.

Rethink allows for documentation of staff communication through Staff Notes and supervision session notes. A termination plan can be documented in the staff member’s profile, and session notes can be completed with any scheduled appointments between supervisor and supervisee.

4:12: Appropriately Terminating Supervision

When behavior analysts determine to terminate supervision, they work with all parties to develop a termination plan that minimizes the negative impacts to the supervisee and document all actions taken and eventual outcomes.

Rethink allows for documentation of staff communication through Staff Notes and supervision session notes. A termination plan can be documented in the staff member’s profile, and session notes can be completed with any scheduled appointments between supervisor and supervisee.

5.01: Protecting Clients, Stakeholders, Supervisees, and Trainees

Behavior analysts protect and prioritize the rights of all clients and supervisees in all public statements.

Rethink has established protocol for confidentiality when communication occurs between Rethink employees and providers regarding client names and other protected information. Any information shared with confidential client information is password protected and shared via a secure file cloud.

5.10: Social Media Channels and Websites

Behavior analysts educate themselves about the risks to privacy and confidentiality associated with data collection procedures. They use both their professional and personal social media accounts according to these requirements. Behavior analysts avoid publishing information about clients on their personal accounts, and only do so on professional accounts when informed consent has been obtained (including a disclaimer of informed consent and that the information cannot be reused without permission), and in a manner that reduces sharing and prevents misuse of information.

Rethink offers a HIPAA secure avenue for sharing information and successes with parents and other family members/significant others. Our TheraWe parent engagement platform allows providers and caregivers to post content, including pictures and videos, of successes to share with all members of a client’s collaborative team.

About the Author

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Erin Mayberry is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who has been in the field of ABA since 2009. Prior to Rethink, Erin provided clinical consultation to individuals on the autism spectrum and their families in home, clinic, and school settings, as well as staff training in behavioral crisis prevention. Erin was with Rethink 2018-2024 as Rethink’s Director of Community Engagement, working with our customers to create successful and meaningful partnerships, and has worked in professional services and customer success.

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