Teaching Multiply Controlled Intraverbal Behavior

By: Judah B. Axe, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LABA
Teaching Multiply Controlled Intraverbal Behavior, presenter Judah B. Axe RethinkBH Webinar

The analysis of multiple control in the intraverbal relation is critical for moving individuals with autism and related language delays towards naturalistic conversational repertoires.

One area in this analysis is “verbal conditional discriminations,” when multiple verbal stimuli evoke a verbal response, such as answering “parrot” when asked, “What’s an animal that’s red?”. A second area is answering questions about visual stimuli, such as answering “green” when shown a picture of a frog and asked, “What color?”

The presenter will provide definitions, examples, studies, and analyses on these topics.

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About the Author

Judah B. Axe, Ph.D., BCBA D, LABA, Professor at Simmons


A dedicated practitioner of Applied Behavior Analysis, Dr. Judah B. Axe has been utilizing its principles and procedures to enhance the lives of individuals with autism since 1999. Joining Simmons University in 2008, his passion for the field continues to flourish as he guides students through the on-ground and online Master's programs, as well as the online Ph.D. program, focusing on verbal behavior and single-subject research design. His commitment extends beyond the classroom, as he leads a research lab with doctoral students, conducting studies on a diverse range of topics including verbal behavior, problem-solving, antecedent interventions for challenging behavior, social behavior, matrix training, and staff training. Beyond his academic pursuits, Dr. Axe enjoys skiing, hiking, and cherishing moments on the beach with his wife and two daughters.

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