Newsletter: March 2023 (Vol 3.23)

By: RethinkBH

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It’s hard to believe we’re almost a quarter of the way into 2023! Here’s a look back at February (in case you missed anything!) and what Rethink has planned for March.

We had a blast in San Diego at the ABAI Autism Conference!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and joined us for happy hour! We learned so much from the speakers and enjoyed hearing your feedback as well!

One of our highlights? Listening to the panel discussion on Difficult Conversations about ABA as it Relates to Autism Intervention.

Employee Spotlight

Fernando Orfila, VP of Product

Lives In: Mentally, on a beach paradise…in reality, Atlanta, GA

Family: Toooo many pets… I think my house can get a tax exemption as an Animal Shelter. My daughters have 3 cats and we have 2 dogs.

Favorite food: Ice cream, and my belly can attest to it!

Favorite singer/band: When I was younger, U2. Now I’m very eclectic.

Favorite TV show: Misfits. If you have not seen it, you have to. It is a British dark comedy show (with funky superheroes, or supervillains… your decision 😉)

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March 2023 Events

We hope you can join for these upcoming events!

Practice Spotlight: ABA Foundations

March 2nd @ 1 PM ET

Dr. Jennifer Agganis, founder and CCO of ABA Foundations, joins the ABA Start-up Community to discuss her success in launching and scaling her business. Dr. Agganis will also discuss why building relationships with other local ABA companies is so important, her strategies for retaining staff, and how she developed an effective mentorship program.

Register for Practice Spotlight: ABA Foundations webinar

Strategies for Maximizing One’s Productivity & Work Enjoyment in Human Services

March 16th @ 1 PM ET

Do you ever get burned out at work? Do you struggle to stay motivated? You’re not alone! Burnout is especially high in the field of ABA, but don’t stress! We’ve got you covered. Dr. Dennis Reid joins Dr. Bridget Taylor as Our Next Guest on Thursday, March 16th to discuss self-motivation strategies for behavior analysts.

Register for Strategies for Maximizing One’s Productivity & Work Enjoyment in Human Services live event

Translating Medical Necessity Criteria for ABA Providers

APBA Conference March 9-11 in Seattle

Rethink is excited to co-present at the APBA conference with our partners Seven Dimensions Behavioral Health and ABS Kids. We’re live at 2:00 pm PST on Friday, March 11. Come join our discussion and learn about clinical and operational outcomes when utilizing Rethink’s Medical Necessity Assessment tool.

In Case You Missed It

We launched a podcast!

We have new episodes of our podcast, ABA After Hours, available to you now through iHeart Radio, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Anchor. We hope you enjoy listening!

Sexuality & the Spectrum: Lessons on ABA, Dating, and Love – Autism Style

Amy Gravino joined Dr. Bridget Taylor on Our Next Guest to talk about strategies and challenges with teaching dating skills to individuals on the autism spectrum. She shared her firsthand experience with dating and love as a woman on the spectrum, as well as recommendations on how to begin having conversations with parents and clients on relationships and sexuality. Earn 1 general CE!

Access Recording of Sexuality & the Spectrum: Lessons on ABA, Dating, and Love – Autism Style

March Feature Updates

This month, Rethink is planning to release the following new features and feature enhancements. Be on the lookout for emails and updates in our Facebook User Group for more information!

  • Program changes refresh available after syncing (mobile app)
  • Preview programming without starting session (mobile app)
  • Improved messaging for Clock Out for EVV (mobile app)
  • Improved messaging for Continue Session notification (mobile app)
  • Improvements to Rich Text Editor feature on Funder Reports


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