ABA Data Collection Software Simplified

Leverage Rethink's Behavioral Health tools to streamline your ABA Therapy Practice.

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Easy to Implement, Simple to Use

Check out a Day in the Life of a clinician using Rethink's innovative mobile app.

Implement Clinical Best Practices

Rethink's customizable curriculum includes over 1,500 treatment goals with video-based training embedded to ensure fidelity when implementing with your clients.

Leverage Data and Insights

Rethink's mobile app allows for easy data collection online or offline with immediate syncing capability to allow for real time data analysis.

Secure Your Data (HIPAA)

With full Electronic Health Record (EHR) & document management, your data is always safe, secure and easily accessible.

Medical Necessity Assessment

Rethink's patent pending Medical Necessity Assessment provides your organization with a training tool to assist clinicians in recommending appropriate ABA dosages and improves payout from funders.

Tips, Tools and Resources to Support Your Team and Mission


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