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Happy 4th of July! We hope you’re staying warm in the heat this summer. Need a feel good story to get you through it? Check out our “People Making a Difference” story below!

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Erin Mayberry, Director of Community Engagement: Muluneh, M.G. (2021). Impact of climate change on biodiversity and food security: a global perspective – a review article. Agriculture and Food Security, 10:36.

Nick Green, unofficial Data Unicorn: Nightingale Magazine, Issue 3The journal of the Data Visualization Society.

Joy Helsel

Employee Spotlight

Joy Helsel, Customer Success Manager

Lives in: Mount Joy, PA

Family: 1 cat, 1 dog, 2 children

Favorite Food: any kind of seafood

Favorite Food: Beatles

If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why? Professor X, so that I could read minds.

Favorite place you’ve traveled: I just got back from Puerto Rico so that is probably my new favorite. My husband’s uncle, whom we were very close to, just passed away and he was from PR, so it was very special to be able to travel there just before his passing. It is also an amazingly beautiful island.

People Making a Difference

Jen & Caleb

In April, Rethink shared stories on our ABA After Hours podcast from professionals and families impacted by autism to celebrate Autism Awareness & Acceptance Month. One of those families was Jen and Caleb, a mother-and-son duo living in rural Virginia.

When we initially reached out to invite Jen and Caleb to our podcast, Jen regretfully declined, saying she did not think they were a good fit as Caleb was 13 years old and had never received ABA services, despite being on waiting lists for several years with local companies. We thought this was just as important to share, as children with autism living in rural areas of the U.S. are less likely to receive timely and medically necessary treatment. Caleb joined our podcast and told his story, saying he wished his classmates would not be rude, and that thinking differently is ok. His mom shared that one of her biggest concerns was the lack of education of the school staff on special education and autism in general. She said beyond her son, there were countless children being pushed aside through a lack of resources in their community. Rethink was able to share parent resources with her and even connected her with an ABA company with availability, but the company was unfortunately not a fit due to their extremely rural location.

A few weeks after the podcast aired, Jen reached out to update us that she had been emailing their state governor about the lack of resources in schools in her community. She shared the podcast and received a response from the governor’s office and the Virginia Board of Education offering assistance and considering training and education for public school employees.

Since then, Jen has shared the podcast with others, and through that has been connected with a behavioral health organization with immediate openings. In her last IEP meeting, she was able to successfully advocate for and secure a full time aide for Caleb next school year, extended school time to allow him to complete assignments virtually as needed, and a behavior plan including scheduled breaks, staff responses to identified triggers, and communication strategies for both him and his school staff.

Jen and Caleb remind us that Autism Awareness and Acceptance are just the first step in Action and Accountability. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Jen and Caleb! You are truly remarkable!

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July 2023 Events

Melissa Druskis, founder & CEO of ABC Behavior Training

5 Ways to Boost Staff Productivity Using ABA

July 13th @ 1:00 pm ET

Authorized hours left on the table due to low staff productivity can greatly impact client progress, your company’s finances, and parent satisfaction. Melissa Druskis, founder & CEO of ABC Behavior Training, will show you how to improve your staff’s productivity by using strategic systems of training, performance monitoring, and reinforcement.

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Radical Values

July 18th @ 1:00 pm ET

Explore the impact of misalignments in personal and professional values as an underlying cause of perpetual burnout among ABA professionals on the next episode of Our Next Guest. Portia James, Founder & CEO of Behavior Genius, joins Dr. Bridget Taylor to discuss how we can pinpoint misalignments and take actionable steps toward reducing burnout. 

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Portia James, Founder & CEO of Behavior Genius
Women in Behavior Analysis 2023 proud supporter

Women in Behavior Analysis

July 20th – 21st, Nashville, TN

We’re excited to be part of the Women in Behavior Analysis conference again this year! We’ll be showcasing women’s talents and previewing our BH Analytics module at our booth. Stop by to learn more and show off your unique talents

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Headshot of Dr. Keith Williams

Selective Eating Among Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Our Next Guest hosted Dr. Keith Williams in June to discuss strategies for picky eaters.

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ABA After Hours, A podcast presented by Rethink Behavioral Health

ABA After Hours podcast

There are 2 new episodes of the ABA After Hours podcast featuring Dr. Pete Gerhardt and Dr. Keith Williams. Get caught up on Quality of Life with Individuals with ASD and strategies for increasing diet variety in picky eaters.

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